L’Université dans la Nature (UDN) is the first research center in North America entirely dedicated to the study and dissemination of the impact of nature on humans.

UDN is in contact with numerous researchers around the world as well as hundreds of public and private initiatives designed to use nature for individual and collective well-being. Very closely connected to the research community, it conducted a study with McGill University in the fall of 2020 with a cohort

 of 60 individuals on the physiological impact of its activity (Re) Connexion Nature using the Bio-Music technology developed by Dr.Stefanie Blain-Moraes PhD (results to be released). In 2021, the UDN is planning various research projects with targeted populations (the elderly and disadvantaged populations).


L’Université dans la Nature has contributed to numerous local and international events to raise awareness and inform decision-makers and stakeholders from different backgrounds.

Among the most notable events: conference at the Technoparc of Montréal (Montreal 2015), Summit of Minds (Chamonix, France, 2018), Nature x Creativity event, Highwater (Québec, 2018), Beside Festival (Parc des Îles de Boucherville, June, 2019), Tribu 19 – Institut du Nouveau Monde (L’Ésterel, 2019), Office of Public Hearings on the Environment (Québec, June, 2019), IndireIndire, Research center in pedagogy (Italy, 2020), Erasmus + (teachers of the European Union, 2020).

L’Université dans la Nature has created an awareness campaign
with Eco-Health Ontario (Canada), the University of Melbourne (Australia) and FP
Innovation (University of British Columbia).

Watch the videos below :


Nature (Re)Connection : UdN has designed an experiential activity entirely based on discoveries about the scientifically established benefits of nature.

Declined over a half-day, a day or 2 days, Nature (Re)Connection is at once a pedagogical tool, an experience of transformational connection and a preventive tool for health that is carried out in immersion in the forest.

Nature (Re)Connection | high schools  : in March 2020, this activity was adapted for high school students thanks to a collaboration with the RBC Center of Expertise in Mental Health of the University of Sherbrooke. The deployment of the activity to all Quebec high schools was postponed due to the Covid19 pandemic.

Nature Connectivity is a high-level training for individuals wishing to become Nature (Re)Connection guides : use the Nature (Re)Connection activity for professional applications.

This training, which is university level, online and also in nature, approaches the connection of the human being with nature in a holistic (history of disconnection, philosophy, sociology, anthropology etc...) and scientific way before giving participants the training of the Nature (Re)Connection tool.

The 2021 registration calendar will be available in the spring.


The initiatives carried out by the Pole of Social Impact of l'Université dans la Nature aim to create a Nature Reflex in civil society as a way of encouraging people to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

UdN has created in association with Building 21 McGill University The Forest workshop for the prevention of stress for university students (October 2018-July 2019).

  • UDN also inspired Montreal Internationalto bring together entrepreneurs in the wilderness to strengthen their business ties (Austria, 2018)
  • UDN participated in the Estrie's regional hub for higher education - PRESE program (2019), an innovative program to promote psychological health among the Estrie student community (Qc, Canada)
  • UDN has supported organizations in the naturalization of their work environment : CofomoCofomo, a Montreal-based IT company, (2017); Office of Public Hearings on the Environment (BAPE), Quebec,(2019).