Why so little nature in schools, hospitals, workplaces, when the scientific community is unanimous in emphasizing that a population that is more in contact with nature is healthier both physically and mentally ? ?

Why so many problems of attentional fatigue, attention deficit, stress, estimated at several tens of billions of dollars per year,when connection with nature and its multiple benefits could considerably mitigate the effects of urban life ? ? 

The Canadian and North American population is less and less in contact with nature : theNorth Americans spend more than 90% of their time indoors et s’éloignent d’années en année de celle qui a accompagné l’espèce humaine pendant plus de 99% du temps de son évolution.

L’Université dans la Nature (UdN) was created to federate the knowledge, skills and efforts of all those who feel the urgency of reversing this trend that profoundly and lastingly alters public and individual health.   

Since its creation in 2014, the non-profit organization has gathered and constantly updated a scientific bibliography of more than 1200 studies and meta-analyses in ecopsychology, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, social sciences, public health, etc. that position the recourse to nature as an indispensable practice to accompany humans in the technological and urban era. 

Since 2018, building on this important scientific corpus, L’ Université dans la Nature has been developing, with and for civil society - and particularly for the most vulnerable populations - tools and activities for reconnecting with nature, including its flagship training course : Nature (Re)Connection. 


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