Do you have a natural area, a forest, an island, access to a mountain, a beach or a desert anywhere in the world?

Your property is already contributing to the health of the world!



Help us to spread the benefits of connecting to nature by making it available to L’Université dans la Nature (UdN) for a few hours.

L’UdN has designed different connection programs based on more than 1000 scientific studies.

These programs demonstrate to participants with an experiential and theoretical approach, the effect of nature on their cognitive, physical and mental health.  


UdN programs 

  • are between 1 half-day and 2 day programs
  • take place all year round
  • are non-sporting events, without risk to nature

We mainly address decision-makers and community leaders (ex : schools, retirement homes,…) for their multiplier effect.  

The income from our activities is reinvested to foster the connection to nature of university students, who are currently struggling all over the world with an increase in mental health issues.

For any information, proposal or suggestion, contact us!


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