• Did you know that immersion in a certain type of nature can boost your immune system for several days?
  • That a non-pathogenic bacterium, called the “new Prozac” because it acts on the effects of stress, is found in forest soil?  
  • Did you know that nature stimulates specific areas of your brain that restore your concentration and increase your productivity?  

Prepared over 4 years, based on more than 1500 studies, the Nature Break Program reveals the forest as you have never seen it before: a partner in cognitive and physical health in a society that is increasingly soliciting our mental resources.   

During a 90-minute guided journey through the forest, you will discover and experience through multisensory exercises a new way of living nature thanks to recent advances in scientific research on the benefits of nature.

You will emerge transformed with a new sense of well-being and knowledge, with connection tools that can be easily used to maintain your balance and the irrepressible desire to return to the forest.

A non-sporting activity, in clear language accessible to all.


“I wasn’t familiar with these studies on nature and neuroscience. I understood how my daily actions and environment affect the quality of my life and work. This knowledge is priceless.”
Ilaya B. lawyer










“I go hiking and camping very often, but I was surprised to discover that I could also use nature in this way…” 

Christine B., entrepreneurial project manager 



“It made me want to privilege green spaces at lunchtime.”

Christophe D. analyst 



“I saw my problem from a completely different perspective after the journey. And the most incredible thing is that I think I’ve found the solution.”

Carole P., business coach



  • Several formats available : Nature Break, the conference (1 hour),  90 min Nature Break, 1/2 day Nature Break, 1 day Nature Break, 3 months subscription Nature Break
  • Group of 20 people maximum
  • Location: Montreal and Eastern Townships
  • Activity not offered during the winter period



  • Participants in conferences, seminars and trade shows as part of a break activity.
  • Entrepreneurs, Board members and executive committee
  • Groups of professionals from sectors we are researching : IT, medical, creativity and innovation, education, police, army, firefighters, legal, etc.
  • Groups of employees working in factories



Impact on participants

The time of retreat offered by this activity is an exceptional contribution to private and professional life :

  • Recovery of executive attention and concentration
  • Feeling of well-being, vitality and intellectual clarity
  • Strengthening the immune system, heart condition

Social impact 

The revenues generated by this pioneering activity allow the L’Université dans la Nature to fund research on the health benefits of nature.


To book the Nature Break activity please contact []


We are always looking for a variety of nature (mountains, forests, islands, beaches, deserts) throughout Canada and the world to host our activities: if you are interested in our mission and want to make your natural space available, contact us !