Over the past two decades, numerous scientific studies have revealed, year after year, that nature plays a much more fundamental role than that of a simple setting for relaxation or a recreational place.

It has such a powerful influence on our physical and mental health that it is an essential factor in our collective and individual development.

But this research has not yet reached civil society : schools do not promote access to nature, hospitals and doctors do not prescribe it to their patients, companies do not offer it as a prevention of stress and burnout.  And the majority of the population spends most of its time indoors.

Meanwhile, stress and mental health related problems are a dangerous threat to our societies.



The mission of L’Université dans la Nature is to create a Nature Reflex in Canadian civil society, that is, the reflex to turn to the efficacity of nature’s processes discovered by science. Indeed, an abundant scientific literature – particularly in neuroscience – has clearly demonstrated for more than 30 years that Nature is not simply a recreational place but a true working partner in generating innovation, solving problems, stimulating creativity, making strategic decisions and preventing risks to physical and mental health.



Because they play an important role in the fabric of our society and because they tend to become a major partner and support for the new generations in the development of lifestyles that are more respectful of the planet and the human being, we believe that it is companies and organizations that will play a key transformative role in shaping this new bio-oriented society, thanks to the support of their visionary, progressive and committed decision-makers.

L’Université dans la Nature offers a unique approach in nature in order to teach today’s decision-makers to strengthen their greatest ally in decision making, problem solving, creativity or stress prevention : their brains.

By targeting decision-makers (companies, organizations and institutions) first and foremost, we are counting on the multiplier effect on the communities for which they are responsible.



The revenues generated by our cutting-edge program will allow L’Université dans la Nature to offer university students, the decision-makers of tomorrow, free access to an innovative workshop based on our methodologies, currently in effect at Building 21 of McGill University (Montreal): The Forest.

The University thus aims to contribute to reducing the vertiginous increase in mental health problems in universities and in their future professional lives by helping them to use nature as a tool for restoring their balance.



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