L’Université dans la Nature (UdN) is an independent civil society think-tank that provides science-based knowledge and tools that will help to solve in a sustainable and innovative way a wide range of problems related to the decline in cognitive health and their impact on the prosperity of modern organizations and societies.

It brings together experts to conduct research and compile existing data on the impact of nature on human health and well-being, to produce studies, knowledge dissemination tools, practical and experiential activities and to meet the needs of its clients and partners in the following ways :



Since 2014, the year of its creation, Udn has operated primarily as a virtual research centre. It is the only one in the world to collect data and maintain a scientific bibliography of more than 1200 studies and meta-analyses in ecopsychology, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, social sciences, public health, etc.  

It also conducts studies through academic partnerships on a wide range of issues where the integration of nature could be considered or its impact better understood. Part of L’Université dans la Nature’s earnings is dedicated to the creation of a physical research centre in nature, the CEDRE.




UdN develops and provides customized strategies and practical tools that will help decision-makers and community leaders improve the prosperity and resilience of their organizations by increasing the physical and cognitive well-being of their members through contact with nature.




Through an international collaborative effort, UdN has established a network of researchers, experts, decision-makers, influencers and citizens who will advocate for improvements in public policy development for the integration of best practices in the medical, educational, urban design and many other sectors of civil society. Here are some examples of successful applications:

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